Exchange digital business cards and all your social media in seconds.
Complete automation & 100% privacy!

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Stop exchanging
paper cards

Save time and trees

Set up your business profil in minutes and link all your social media accounts.
Leadcard creates a QR-Code which can be scanned by your new business partners. After the scan the business card will be saved in your private card collection and Leadcard automatically creates a new contact in your phone.

Core Features


Never sort business cards or store them at your workplace again. Leadcard saves all cards in your private card collection and creates automatically a new contact in your phone. If you want you can also export all cards in a .csv file for your CRM-System.

Social Media

We all know how important social media and your LinkedIn network are. So stop exchanging only email addresses or usernames. Easily link all your social media accounts and let your network grow by itself.


Your data and especially all data of your business contacts are important. Therefore Leadcard doesn’t store any data or send them through the internet. You and your business partners keeping 100% control of your data. Also, you can make backups whenever you want!

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Export QR-Code

You can also export the QR-Code of your business profile to print it on your advertising material or to share it on social media or your website.

Export Badge

We designed an exclusive badge for you containing your QR-Code. Just save and print it. You can lay it out at your next event or presentation.

Multiple Profils

Do you need more than one business card? No problem! Use one of the four available profiles.


You would like to know the address or social media account of one of your contacts? No problem, everything is stored in your private card collection.

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Do my future business partners need the App?

No! The Leadcard-App provides two QR-Codes. The first one can be scanned with the Leadcard-App to save the business card together with all information (contact details and social media accounts) in your private and searchable card collection. Also a new contact will be automatically created on your phone. The second one can be scanned with every normal QR-Scanner. If you scan this second QR-Code the App will just create a new contact on your phone.

How much does it cost?

The private use of Leadcard is 100% free! If you use Leadcard for business reasons you can buy a business membership. But don’t worry, it is cheaper and more comfortable than traditional business cards!

How can I use my QR-Code?

You are allowed to use the QR-Code in every way you want, get creative! To export the QR-Code just click on it or visit the badge page in the menu.

Is my data reallay safe?

We do not store any data or send them through the internet. All data is stored in your QR-Code. Trust is good, control is better.

Get Updated

Get the latest updates about Leadcard delivered to your inbox. Only important news, no spam and of course we do not share any of your data!



  • Private Profile
  • Card Collection
  • Restore Card Collection
  • Scan unlimited cards
  • Business profiles
  • Backup


7 days free trial
$19.99/ year
  • Private & 3 Business Profiles
  • Card Collection
  • Backup & Restore
  • Scan unlimited cards
  • Downloadable & Personalized Badge
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7 days free trial
$24.99/ year
  • All 4 Profiles
  • Card Collection
  • Backup & Restore
  • Unlimited scans
  • Personalized Badge
  • CSV Export
  • Dark Mode
Company Support

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